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"It’s an Original Product From Singapore Made Up Of Unique Formula Renowned Since 1960’S Globally. It Is Pure In Colour, Pleasant In Odour, Mild Yet Suitable For Use For Adults & Children. The Product Has Carved A Niche As A “Handy Cure” For The Family At Home And While Travelling. 2 To 3 Drops Of The Clear, Non-Staining Oil Massaged Into The Skin Helps The Relief Of Giddiness, Headaches, Travel Sickness, Irritation From Insect Bites, Rheumatic Pain, Muscular Pain, Blocked Nose, Cold Relief, Nausea, Colic, Dizziness, Swelling Redness, & Itchiness. When Applied Beneath The Nose, Nasal Passages Clear Up Especially At High Altitudes And Cold Climates. The Product Is Available In Three Sizes – 3ml, 28ml & 56ml."
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