About Health Guard

Healthguard Pharmacy Limited, a subsidiary of Sunshine Healthcare, is the 1st branded retail Healthcare Chain in Sri Lanka. The Company entered the market with a view of creating differentiated offering and retailing experience to the consumer. The organization, headed by a team of professionals, has introduced an innovative retail concept centered on exceptional shopper experience through service, technology, product offering, pricing and a host of value additions. Through this innovative concept Healthguard has gained market leadership position in Drug Store Retailing with a loyal consumer base.

Healthguard’s core tenet has been to be the standard in healthcare retailing. Centered on this belief, our business model strives to be more just than an ordinary pharmacy in our offerings, format and solutions. Our view of Healthcare Retailing is not limited to the narrow focus of pharmaceuticals. To us Healthcare Retailing is also about Living Better (Wellness) and Looking Better (Beauty).

about healthguard

Our Vision

To be the Admired Healthcare Retailer in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

To offer exceptional Pharma, Wellness & Beauty solutions to the Customer and the Community.

 Vision & Mission

Our Group

Welcome to 
Sunshine Holdings PLC

Starting out as a retail pharmaceutical company, our group has been transformed into a diversified company with International links. Today, we are proud to be recognized as one of Sri Lanka's most respected conglomerates, with a core focus in Healthcare, Agribusiness & Consumer Goods.

Our Work Culture

We care about our customers and communities, employees and shareholders. We create a culture of excellence, so place a strong emphasis on individual development to keep our people motivated and our business moving. We’re optimistic about the future. We ask our people to show a ‘can-do’ attitude and a commitment to continuous improvement, to demonstrate pride in our company and a passion for our work. We’re a meritocracy. We support and reward performance and improving expertise. We nurture those who strive to grow, who can identify opportunities, find solutions to problems and who can anticipate the future by seeing around corners. We embrace change and look to innovate or deliver greater value to our customers. We’re collaborators, committed to supporting each other so that we can all grow together.

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Sumeda Perera
Senior Exec.
Health Guard Medical