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"The right combination of Baraka Virega capsules with Ashwagandha, Welpenella and Black seed provides the solution for seminal debility and sexual performance. Ashwagandha /Amukkara (Bot: Withonia somnifera) is one of the most famous ayurvedic rejuvenate herb which improves the body’s ability to maintain both physical and mental health. Ashwagandha is also used therapeutically as an adaptogen for patients with nervous exhaustion, insomnia, and debility due to stress, and as an immune stimulant in patients with low white blood cell counts. Ashwagandha is well known for its aphrodisiac properties for men. Ashwagandha improves both physical energy and is a nerve tonic and is helpful in reducing stress levels Ashwagandha is used to restore male libido, helps to cure impotence and increase male fertility. Welpenella (Cardiospermum helicacabum): Welpenella or balloon wine is a well known traditional herb for nerve strengthening and nerve diseases. There by it provides synergistic effect to enhance sexual performance. The roots and leaves are used in rheumatism, nerve diseases, piles, chronic bronchitis and tuberculosis. Black seed Enhance better absorption of Ashwagandha and Welpenella. It improves physical fitness by providing Vitamins & Mineral. Direction for Use : Adults: 2 Capsules a day orally after Dinner Ingredients :Each 350 mg capsule contains Ashwagandha (Withonia somnifera), Welpenella (Cardiospermum helicacabum) powder and Black seed powder. Net Weight : 60 capsules×350mg Brand / Product name : Baraka (BIO EXTRACTSEEVT)LTD.) / Virega Plus Made in Sri Lanka"
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